How to judge the quality of fire sleeve

How can we judge the quality of the fire sleeve when we choose it? Now let's talk about how to judge?

1.Judge the quality of fire sleeve by color:

Most of the fiberglass in the fire sleeve is white, and very few fiberglass will be milky white and light yellow. In order to save costs, many manufacturers will mix some other substances into the fiberglass, which greatly affects the fire-proof, heat insulation, high temperature resistance, flame-retardant effect and its service life of the casing. Ningguo ZBAO high temperature adheres to the quality-oriented principle and provides customers with quality assurance.

silicone rubber fire sleeves

2.Judge by the silicone rubber on the surface of the fire sleeve:

We all know that the surface of the fire-proof sleeve is made of imported high-quality silicone rubber, so it has the characteristics of dust-proof, water-proof and corrosion-resistant. Its working temperature is 260 ℃, which is suitable for most working conditions. It can withstand 5-10 minutes at 1090 ℃, adapt to the short-term high-temperature environment, and can withstand 15-30 seconds at 1650 ℃, extending the discovery and location of emergencies Rational process.

silicone rubber fire sleeves

The above is how to judge the quality of fire sleeve summarized by ZBAO. In fact, there are many ways to judge how to choose high-temperature resistant, heat insulation, flame-retardant and fire sleeve. I will introduce how to visually identify the quality of fire sleeve when you receive it in the next article?

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