Several kinds and different uses of fire sleeve

Today, ZBAO high temperature is going to discuss with you several types of fire-proof casing and their different uses.
We all know that in some traditional manufacturing industries, there are many high-temperature production environments, such as metallurgical casting, petrochemical industry, metal smelting, electric power, etc., which are extremely high. In these high-temperature environments, the exposed transmission cables need special protection to maintain the normal operation of the equipment. As we all know, the outer skin of ordinary wires is plastic. If exposed to high temperature without any protection, it will melt quickly. Even if the temperature is too high, it may cause spontaneous combustion. So this time can withstand the high temperature test of the fire casing also came into being. Ningguo City ZBAO high temperature protective material Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high temperature resistant, wear-resistant, fire-proof, insulation and heat insulation casings.
Let's talk about several types of fire-proof casing. According to different working conditions, the fire-proof casing is mainly divided into three types: tube type fire-proof casing, buckle type fire-proof casing and winding type fire-proof belt.
Let's talk about the different uses of these three categories:
1. The tube type fire sleeve is generally used for the cable with short circuit or straighter line. When the tube type sleeve is installed, only one end of the cable needs to be removed and the fire sleeve can be directly covered from one end. This is very convenient and widely used.

2.Buckle type fireproof casing is generally used in large-scale smelting equipment or metal high temperature hose. There is fire-resistant and flame-retardant high-temperature adhesive tape at the internal opening of the buckle type fire-proof sleeve. During the installation, it is not necessary to stop the equipment, or dismantle the cable, etc. it is only necessary to tear the fire-proof sleeve from the middle, then stick it on the cable, and then glue it to play the role of sealing, insulation, fire-proof and high-temperature resistance. Its advantage is that it will not affect the equipment production during the installation, so it can save money Time to install.

3.Winding fire belt is mainly used for valves, curved pipes and irregular items requiring high-temperature protection. It is also suitable for outdoor high-temperature pipes, such as natural gas pipes, heating pipes and so on. It can play the role of heat preservation and insulation, and reduce heat loss. Winding fire belt is the most convenient and quick disassembly.

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