Aluminum Fiberglass Sleeve-self winding

Aluminum Fiberglass Sleeve is a tubular product that combines the protection of aluminum and glass fiber. It is widely used as an excellent car hood protection.
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Aluminum Fiberglass Sleeve-self winding

1.Product Introduction

Aluminum Fiberglass Sleeve self winding-Aluminum fiberglass sheet with a strip of high temperature adhesive protects it from radiant heat by reflecting 90% of the heat in contact with its surface. Even under the most extreme high temperature conditions, the aluminum layer will not delaminate from the glass fiber. Widely applied on auto air conditioning systems, brake and clutch systems, turbocharger systems, exhaust systems, fuel systems, heating and cooling systems, power train, steering and chassis, cable & wires and cooking oven.

2.Product Characters

Inner diameter: 6mm-35mm

Length range:60mm ~ 610mm

Working temperature: -40° to 200°C

High Temperature Protection-95% heat reflective

Aluminum Fiberglass Sleeve-self winding

Heat Reflective Aluminum Fiberglass Sleeve self winding is ideal for protecting delicate electronic components from thermal damage close to engines or other heat sources.

Economical & Easy to Install
Cuts Easily with Scissors
Insulates Delicate Wires and Components
Resists Gasoline and Engine Chemicals

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Aluminum Foil Fiberglass Sleeve

ZBAO Aluminium Foil Fiberglass Sleeve is made of glass fiber and aluminium foil,It has outstanding reflectivity to the heat and ray.Protects from radiant heat by reflecting 90% of the heat that contacts its surface.

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ZBAO Velcro Style Aluminium Foil Fiberglass Fire Sleeve is constructed by slited aluminum foil glass fiber blanket,stitched the edges with hook and loop closure.Excellent rediant heat reflection provides good protection to the hoses,cables,wires and kind of pipelines,which work under high heat conditions.

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ZBAO Basalt Fiber Sleeve is braided by high quality basalt yarns, it has outstanding property of electric insulation, high temperature resistance, chemical-corrosion resistance, excellent tenacity, it is the best insulation and protecting solution in extreme working environment.

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ZBAO Silica Fire Sleeve is braided by silica fiber, SiO2 content ≥96%, widely used in aerospace (gas turbine and rocket engines), metallurgical, nuclear power, electricity generation, petrochemical industries as the thermal protection material.

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ZBAO Nylon Sleeve woven by PA66- high tenacity multi-filament Nylon yarn,good abrasion resistant,explosion-proof and anti-aging, provide well protection to hoses, cables and wires.

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ZBAO Heat Reflective Fiberglass Sleeve is made of glass fiber and aluminium foil. It is a kind of water/oil resistant, anti-aging,high heat resistant hose protector.

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