Fight against the virus, world come on,We are with you

Epidemic prevention, we should do this

Novel coronavirus
We should actively respond to the national deployment of prevention and control
Fully cooperate with epidemic prevention and control
To ensure the safety and health of yourself and your family
Everyone should do their best
It is not only a responsibility but also an obligation to protect
The right way to fight against virus
We need to master more
Minimize touch
Especially where the door handle is often touched
Static drug manufacturing
No travel, no walking
Staying at home is the greatest protection for yourself and others
Less gathering and remote communication
The convenience of network provides us with convenience
So that we can effectively isolate
The possibility of human to human contact infection
In terms of personal protection
We should always wash our hands with water
Especially wash hands after touching objects
Block the source of infection to avoid infection
Always wear a mask when you need to go out
Masks should be replaced frequently
Remember not to litter after use
Indoor protection
It can be sterilized with alcohol
Avoid contact with Hubei, Wuhan and other personnel
If there are fever and other symptoms
Go to a designated place for isolation
No contact with others
Do a good job in all kinds of protection,
Not just for ourselves
And contribute to the society
As long as we work together
We will be able to defeat this virus
The cold winter has passed quietly
Spring is not far away
New city, Yuejun era will be with us all
Work together to fight the virus

We will win!


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