Chinese enterprises donate epidemic prevention materials to Zimbabwe
On June 26, in Harare, Zimbabwe, President mnangaguwa (second from the right) and other officials attended the donation ceremony. Photographed by Zhang Yuliang, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

The chamber of Commerce of Chinese enterprises in Zimbabwe donated a batch of epidemic prevention materials worth about 55000 US dollars to the government of Zimbabwe to help the country cope with the new outbreak.

President mnangagua of Zimbabwe, Ambassador Guo Shaochun of China to Zimbabwe, and vice president of Zimbabwe chamber of Commerce for Chinese enterprises Liu Baixue attended the donation ceremony.

According to Liu Baixue, the donated materials, including medical masks and commonly used drugs, were donated to Tianjin by the chamber of Commerce on behalf of Chinese enterprises in Tianjin. The goods will be given to the immigration, tax and other departments of the country as well as local provinces, and medicines will be donated to the largest public hospital in the country, pariraniatawa hospital.

Mnangagua thanked Chinese enterprises for their kindness and said the materials will help Zimbabwe fight against the epidemic. He also said that at the beginning of the epidemic, Zimbabwe faced some difficulties in coping with the epidemic. Thanks to the support and help of China and the positive measures such as "closing the city", Zimbabwe has been able to cope with the epidemic better.

Guo Shaochun said that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Chinese government has donated two batches of anti epidemic materials to Zimbabwe, and has also sent an anti epidemic medical expert group composed of 12 experts to Zimbabwe. In two weeks, the Chinese government has exchanged and shared anti epidemic experience with Zimbabwe, providing prevention and treatment guidance and training. Chinese non-governmental organizations, Chinese funded institutions in Tianjin and overseas Chinese have also actively contributed to the prevention and control of Zimbabwe's epidemic.

As of the afternoon of the 26th, 551 confirmed cases of new crown were reported in Zimbabwe, among which 6 were dead and 128 were cured.

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