Annual physical examination of occupational diseases
On July 1, the company organized employees to carry out occupational disease health examination activities. This activity is based on caring for the physical and mental health of employees, eliminating health and safety risks, and achieving early diagnosis, early prevention and early treatment.
According to the company's arrangement, all employees participate in the physical examination in batches. Physical examination items include blood test, electrocardiogram, chest X-ray, lung function, urine test, etc. In order to successfully complete the physical examination, the safety production leading group has carried out the partition work according to the different items and has done well the preparation work of the physical examination related service.
Through physical examination, all employees can timely understand their own health status indicators, effectively strengthen occupational health monitoring management, control the risk factors of safety hazards, ensure that employees have a healthy work and life status, implement the prevention and control principle of "prevention first, combination of prevention and control", so that employees can truly feel the warmth and love of the enterprise.

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