Production and manufacture of detachable special insulation sleeve processing customized heat shield industrial fire insulation

Customized removable thermal insulation and fire proof jacket

Removable insulation jacket---mainly used for pipe and valve thermal insulation and heat/cold shield.Outstanding thermal insulation and fire proof performance,reduce energy loss and keep worker safe,easy to assembling and removing,Can be recycle used,most convenient for the parts where need check and repair frequently.


1. Low and high temperature insulation

2. Water proof,oil proof,acid and alkali resistant.Easy for clean.

3. Fire proof

4. Anti-aging

5. Customized size for any sharp,easy assembling and removing.

6. Asbestos free

7. Reduce energy loss and keep worker safe

8. Save space

Working temperature scope:

-70℃ to 1000℃

Working area:

Widely used in Metallurgy,Shipping building, Construction, Petrochemical,Oil and Gas, Tires,Electric Power and so on.

Working type:

1. High temperature inside.Keep pipe warm, reduce energy loss.

2. High temperature outside.Keep pipe cold,reduce high temperature/reflect heat inside pipe.

3. Low temperature outside.Reduce low temperature inside the pipe,keep it warm.

4. Customized heated jacket.Anti freeze,provide setting temperature for pipe.

Removable insulation jackets

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