During the automotive operation.Hightemperature/heat may hurt components,especially wires, tubing and parts near engine and exhaust pipe.It may accelerate components aging and cause self ignitor.

ZBAO thermal insulation parts used on the car, which can resistant high temperature near 1000°Cby material itself,Reflect radiant heat,reduce energy loss.Provide well protection of components from the high temperature/heat.

Truck and bus exhaust systems: heat resistant sleeves can be used to keep the heat of exhaust gas entering the catalytic converter.

Aluminum foil sleeve is mainly used for heat insulation and protection sleeve of high-pressure oil pipe, air conditioning pipe, various rubber pipes and harnesses under high-temperature environment around automobiles and engines.The raw materials of the product are aluminum foil and glass fiber, and different structure combinations can be customized according to the requirements.

Nylon sleeve is woven with tough and environmental protection nylon fiber, with strong tensile resistance, wear resistance, anti-corrosion and explosion-proof, moisture absorption and dust-proof, anti ultraviolet and other characteristics. The working temperature is - 40 ℃ - 180 ℃. Mainly used for automobile harness protection.

Basalt casing is woven by basalt fiber. Basalt fiber is a new type of inorganic environmental protection green fiber material, with high strength, good electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, high temperature filtration, radiation resistance and other properties. Basalt sleeve is suitable for high temperature resistance and insulation protection of pipes, wires and harnesses. It can also be used as the base material of patterned pipes, brush hoses and high temperature resistant composite pipes. It is widely used in automobile and other fields.

Thermal insulation materials, high temperature protection products customized by ZBAO, have been widely used in the field of automobile protection.

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