How does the fire sleeve stop fire and metal splash

In modern industry, Fire, high temperature and high voltage are the most harm elements to the safety production and human life. How to provide disaster happen,it is always the goal that human beings want to.

ZBAO TECH High Temperature Fire sleeve is made of braided e-grade glass fiber sleeve with silicone rubber coating, which designed as a kind of heavy duty jacket to protect different kinds of hoses, wires and cables from the hazards of high heat and occasional flame.

Heavy duty design:

1.Much thicker silicon rubber coating,can resist 7kv--25 kv rated voltage.

2.The thicker silicon rubber coating will transform into a crust when meet metal splash,creating a protective sio2 refractory layer,stop metal splash inside.

Continues working at 260℃

Extreme temperature resistance with Max. duration of:

15-20 minutes     +1000°C

15-30 seconds     +1600°C

Inside glass fiber can resist 550°C high temperature, and thermal conductivity is just 0.035.The thicker silicon rubber coating will transform into a crust when meet fire,creating a protective sio2 refractory layer, stop fire inside.At the same time, low thermal conductivity of glass fiber can stop high temperature transfer more inside to hurt wires,cables and hoses.

ZBAO TECH High Temperature Fire sleeve

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