Cables/Wires protection in Electricity Substation

Cables/Wires protection in Electricity Substation

Electricity Substation-To make safe in power output and transmission,need some extra protection to cables and wires.

1.Anti-aging from high heat and sun light

2.Anti-corrosion from wet weather,acid rain, birds droppings outside

3.Stop small animal bite,scratch by branch

4.High voltage protection needed

5.Reduce the risk of people touch

Zbao Fire sleeve vco made of braided e-grade glass fiber sleeve with silicone rubber coating, Continues working from -70℃ to 260℃,Rate voltage from 7kv-25kv.High tempt. & flame resistant,anti-aging,avoiding splashing of the molten iron,abrasion resistant,water proof,oil proof,acid and alkali resistant.

Provide outstanding protection to cables and wires in Electricity Substation.

Zbao Vco type can be easy installation and disassembly without disconnect the device or circuit.

Cables/Wires protection in Electricity Substation

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